Skilled, experienced and versatile artist with 17 years of combined experience in 3D Modeling and as a 2D Texture Artist. Extensive background in traditional Illustration and experience in rendering and lighting techniques. Self motivated, innovative, adapts quickly to new solutions and works well under pressure whilst under strict deadlines. Enjoys being creative and open to new challenges.


3D Modeler Environment/ General and Prop Modeling . High/ Low Poly Modeling. 2D Texture Artist . Vray Rendering . Lighting . Basic animation . 2D General Illustration . 3DS Max . Maya . XSI . Illustrator . Blender . Nuke . After FX . Zbrush. Unity


Scanline VFX Vancouver 3d Modeler

MPC Vancouver  Environment TD/ DMP 

Rockstar Games (2008- 2014 April) Vancouver/ Toronto. 3D Environment / General Artist/ Lighting

Electronic Arts (2004- 2008) Vancouver . 3D Environment / General Artist/ Animation/ 2D Artist    

Argonaut (2003- 2004)  London UK . 3D Environment Artist    

3DO (2001- 2003) Redwood City California USA . 3D Environment/ General Artist    

Stainless Software (2007- 2001) Isle of Wight UK . 2D Texture Artist/ 3D


Batman vs Superman movie (2016)

Night at the Museum 3

Guardians of the Galaxy

Grand Theft Auto 5 XBOX360/ PS3 . 3D Environments/ Props/ Texture Artist   

Max Payne 3 XBOX 360/ PS3 . 3D Environments/ Props/ Texture Artist/ Lighting    

Playground Nintendo DS . 3D Character rigging/ Animation / 3d Modeling    

Pogo Island Nintendo DS . 2D Art/ Backgrounds    

Need for Speed Pro Street PSP . 3D Environments/ Texture Artist    

Need for Speed Carbon PSP . 3D Environments/ Texture Artist    

NBA Street v3 PS2/ XBOX . 3D Environments    

FiFa Manager PC . 3D rendering / UI creating/ 2D Art    

Catwoman PS2/ XBOX . 3D Environments    

Jonny Mosely Mad Trix PS2/ XBOX    

Warjetz PS2/ XBOX . 3D Environments/  Texture Artist    

Carmageddon2 Splat Pak PC . 2D Texture Artist    

Carmageddon2 PC . 2D Texture Artist


Working on Grand Theft Auto 5 Breaking 7 Guinness Records
Being responsible in the creation of many levels in Max Payne 3
Creating levels in Carmageddon2 selling over 1 million units for my first project in 5 person art team
Being lucky enough to have worked in 3 countries

BA HONS Illustration, Portsmouth University UK
A LEVEL ART Chenderit School Oxfordshire UK