Welcome to my new website. I'm in the process of adding, updating and making new art so please come back often to check out my updates. Most of the personal work is work in progress, so when I get time I will update. Some of the models I've not even had time yet to finish the geo and add proper mapping...but it's coming! I'm happy that people can see work in progress as it updates.

I just finished a contract working on Guardians of the Galaxy Movie and one other. Just before, I was employed for Rockstar games working on GTA5 as an environment artist and before on Max Payne 3.

Most of my work I have used either 3DS Max or Maya depending on the project. Also photoshop, zbrush and most the high-res renders in Vray/ Mental Ray.

I have added my work in progress with wireframes and reference I have used to help make the images. Seeing the technique involved is more interesting to see rather than just a finished image. Some of the work is new, some is old and has been re-rendered or updated. There are a few mistakes I need to fix and updates, re-rendering, which I will do when I get time. The MK1 Escort for example was made only over 2 days over a weekend so I have lots of geo to finish and textures to clean up.

Stay tuned!